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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 13, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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we hope to see you again next time. remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. looking out for you. >> s n: this is a fox news alert. major effort quake hit off the coast of haiti this afternoon causing extensive damage in the capital city of port-au-prince. the quake measured 7.0 on the richter scale. latest reports say on the ground the picture is one of disaster and chaos. more picture as soon as they come in. meanwhile, nevada senator reid appears to be getting off scott free after it was revealed he made a racial comment about president obama during the campaign. the president was quick to absolve him, which was odd considering during the campaign he and his advisers were less forgiving when it comes to race. in march of 2008, geraldine ferraro told a california newspaper that if obama was a
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white man he would not be in this position he happens to be lucky who he is and the country is caught up in the concept. the obama campaign did not react kindly. the president's top advisers clamored for her resignation. let's look at the response. >> we call upon the clinton campaign to take firmer action in this regard. congresswoman ferraro a member of the finance committee surrogate for for senator clinton and she ought to be removed from those positions. when you wink and nod at offensive statements you are sending a signal to your support there's anything guess. >> sean: for the democrats it appears that anything goes. for the republicans that is not the case. trent lott's situation made that clear. joining me now with reaction, columnist, ann coulter and the reverend al sharpton, also
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hosting a radio program. >> can i say before we start i hope all of us agree we pray for the people in haiti. i just spoke to by cliff jean -- to ywclif jean. we are >> sean: we are the most generous people on earth, i couldn't agree with you more. referring to barack obama as a light-skinned african-american with no negro dialect. you have come out and pretty much defended harry reid, which surprised a lot of people, especially in light of where you stood on don imus. where you stood with rush limbaugh getting a football team. is there a double standard for you? >> what's the standard if you are saying somebody says something racial, it's ists, i don't agree. to say someone is light-skinned is not racist. >> sean: negro dialect? >> i said i was offended by
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that you have to concede miss coulter, i said that to act as though geraldine ferraro saying he wouldn't be where he is, if he wasn't black. is nowhere in the same world. it is saying someone is light-skinned and speaks a certain way. i don't know how you act with a straight face that is the same. >> sean: rush's comments about donovan mcnabb. >> i came on your show and said my problem is he attacked the nfl players, calling them crips and bloods. how can he want to own a team when he's castigated him. has nothing to do with race. >> sean: do you see a double standard? >> it's more than just al sharpton. you can go through his comments on this and that obviously there's a double standard. i want you to do a man on the street survey, take a bunch of these comments. what chris dodd said, joe biden calling him clean
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and articulate. >> he was talking about former candidates like me. >> and bill clinton saying -- i'm not saying it is just al sharpton mostly the liberal media. >> hey, stop it! >> that's what i'm saying. >> clinton saying to kennedy a few years ago obama would be getting coffee for us. and comparing it to trent lott giving a toast at a birthday party. nobody believes what is said in a toast. it was silly. republicans, conservatives walk on egg shells this is a one way ratchet to defend the democratic party which does nothing for blacks, takes blacks for granted. while blacks are voting for the democratic party, 90% who appoints the first black secretary of state, the first female black secretary of state? you just let them take you for granted. >> ann, first of all you just made a whole tour and can't
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name one double standard as i did. i certainly took on biden when he said that [ talking over each other ] >> you're debating al sharpton. i said -- i'm defending what he asked me. he asked me about me and a double standard. i will even take issue what you said with the president. let us not forget this president denounced the words of his own pastor and left the church. >> sean: only out of political expediency. he did not -- [ talking over each other ] >> how about what bill clinton said? >> what clinton said is something you ought to be dealing with. you know i said it, that was far more disturbing. i think it was far more offensive. >> sean: was it racist? >> if he men that he would
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have been serving us because we was black -- >> sean: what do you think he could have meant? >> that's what i want to know. >> harold for the democratic party against him, charles rang gull attacked everyday on the cover -- rangle attacked everyday on the cover of the times. how are blacks doing in the democratic party? >> i'm asking you a question, did president obama say david patterson should not run because he's black? >> no, but he is black. gosh, that coincidence keeps coming up. >> why don't we talk about the hockey game scores tonight, we are all over the place here. >> no, we're not. >> sean: negro dialect? >> i think negro dialect is the term because the use of negro to me is offensive. is it a statement that equals what you're trying to say? >> sean: what's the difference teen that and don imus trying
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to be funny. he admits he was wrong and it was offensive. but you pushed him out of his job. wait a minute, why shouldn't harry reid get the same standard? >> first of all you are comparing a disc jockey that attack -- >> sean: united states majority leader in the senate. >> do you want an answer or ask and answer your own point? you are comparing a disc jockey that attacked young black females on a basketball team as nappy-headed -- tkwarb a statement by someone that described a speech pattern that i he used the wrong term but it was not a recognizer to term. you have the united negro college fun. >> sean: do you think that is what harry reid meant? >> the republicans would have -- >> how many people said when mrs. clinton went in certain churches she uses certain
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cadence. >> sean: she did. >> why those people being racist? >> sean: you answer your own question. >> i'm asking you? >> neither one of you can score. tell me -- [ talking over each other ] >> i want to know how you could say trent lott, saying strom thurmond, who i voted for and who we all supported and america would have been a better place if he had won for president how that's just a toast? >> sean: more with reverand sharpton and ann coulter. harry reid's reelection campaign in major turmoil. you are going to meet the republican leading him in the republican leading him in the polls by double digits. ♪ singer:hen you're a rock star you get to party hard ♪
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>> sean: harry reid proved today once and for all he's living in his own fantasy land. >> how are you going to turn your poll numbers around? >> i have a great campaign organization, my poll numbers are just fine. >> sean: just fine? we'll be joined by the republican who leads prince harry by double digits. but more with al sharpton and ann coulter, straight ahead. i have asthma. and when my symptoms-the coughing, wheezing, tightness in my chest came back- i knew i had to see my doctor. he told me i had choices in controller medicines. we chose symbicort. symbicort starts to improve my lung function within 15 minutes. that's important to me because i know the two medicines in symbicort are beginning to treat my symptoms and helping me take control of my asthma. and that makes symbicort a good choice for me. symbicort will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. and should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol may increase the chance
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>> i'm so happy i have the right fighting each other. >> i think we already debated and a good time was had by all. >> sean: you don't think harry reid should go? >> no, i've had it with these loser democrats pulling out before the election. i want to rub it into reverand al that he and the democrats will let them get away with anything. republican party is the colorblind party, yet you let them get away with anything. either what harry reid said is offensive when you do your man on the street poll and try to guess who said it. i bet they won't be able to guess who said those things. >> i think again, i've said to miss coulter to tell me one example, just one that a democrat said something like they would support a segregationist, apartheid -- >> sean: i'll give you an example.
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>> [ talking over each other ] >> robert byrd. >> him being a member of the klan was despicable. >> sean: and he used the n-word. >> [ talking over each other ] >> she acting as if there is some standard that a republican did and a democrat did the same thing. >> they are never going to be the same thing. >> you can't compare -- do you realize that strom thurmond left the party to run for the reason that he wanted to support segregation? >> do you know which party he left al sharpton? >> democratic party. because the democratic party was supporting civil rights, he left to form another party. and your candidate said that i
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voted for him and america would have been better if he won is that not true? >> no, you are wrong. when strom thurmond was a segregationist he was a democrat when he left he ran as a dixie and went back to the democratic party. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: let me ask you, -- >> i'm going to show up the next time you are being honored for something when they say you are the greatest civil rights leader, i'm going to yell out, it is a toast don't believe it. that's what trend lott was doing, a toast. >> if i were to toast you and say to you that you were a supporter and part of an anti--- >> he didn't say that >> no, he said i voted for him and we all supported him. >> and eight years later we are still talking about that which shows the double standard. >> sean: robert byrd used the
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n-word a few years ago. i was on fox news sunday. >> robert byrd used that word not quoting someone. >> how can you not remember that? >> you don't remember, you can't tell me when he said it. >> sean: five, six years ago when he used the term white n word. >> you forgive him. all these democrats -- >> we have consistently -- why aren't y'all talking about bill clinton? because bill clinton is not in charge of the senate. he's not the one pushing health care. you're taking a statement nowhere near what clinton is accused of saying and going after reid for purely political reasons this is all about the health care bill. >> the most important position is that massachusetts voters are about to vote for a woman who kept an innocent man in prison, knowingly, for four years. i think a lot of democrats
12:17 am
about to vote for her would be appalled. if you cannot bring yourself to vote for a massachusetts -- write in the name she kept in prison who was manifestly . >> sean: thank you. a lot more news to cover tonight on hannity. here's a sneak peek. >> thank you very much. >> sean: the most powerful democrat in the u.s. senate is on the ropes. >> he's going to have to face the voters. >> sean: and the republican who hopes to take him down is coming up, next. >> with all due respect, it is not the kennedy's seat, not the democrat's seat, it is the people's seat. >> sean: activists target senator casey. senator casey. all that plus dana p
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. major effort quake hit off the coast of haiti this afternoon causing extensive damage in the nation's capital the city of port-au-prince. now the quake measured .0. officials are reporting extensive damage and mass casualties are expected. we know that the u.n. headquarters in haiti have been seriously damaged. several personnel are unaccounted for of the we'll continue to bring you the latest as we get it. meanwhile harry reid's big mouth is only part of what has gotten him in trouble. his ultra liberal policies are not popular in his home state many his republican challenger is giving him a run for his money. ing to the latest poll sue
12:22 am
lowden has established a double digit lead over harry reid. joining me is nevada state candidate and future senator from the state great of nevada, sue lowden, welcome back. >> hi sean thanks. happy to be here. >> sean: what is your take on light-skinned african-american, no negro dialect, what is your reaction? >> it is embarrassing for us here in nevada. but we are used to this pattern of offensive language from senator reid over the years. he has said things such as former fed chairman alan greenspan was a political hack. he said that we've lost the war, while our sons and daughters were in the midst of battle in iraq. he has said that the tourists smell at the capital. it goes on and on. it's an embarrassing situation that we have here in nevada. this is not the first time
12:23 am
this has happened. there's been numerous times he's made comments when we've been embarrassed. >> sean: do you think, based on these comments, do you think they are racist comments? >> well, i don't know what is in his heart, it is hard for me to judge what's in his heart. like i said it's a pattern. we're used to it here. we've continually have to defend the things he has said over the years. it isjl unfortunate. what i do know is, if a republican had said that, if senator mcconnell had said that and certainly we remember what happened to trent lott, the democrats would be screaming for them to resign. it truly is a double standard. >> sean: do you think he should resign at least from his post, if not the senate? do you have any thoughts on that? >> it is not for us to decide. that's a position that is decided one the chem -- the democrat ranks and they've surrounded him and they've
12:24 am
made it sound as though it is fine for him to keep his majority position. the president has come to his defense. like i said, if it were a republican who had said that, they would be screaming for his resignation. >> sean: i think one other thing that -- he's given this apology but never explained what it is that he meant. i think, he owes it to a lot of people, especially people in your state, to kind of explain, what did you mean by that? would you like at least a further explanation of what he said? >> sean, he's so out of touch with what is really going on here in nevada and clearly now in the country. even if he further explained any more, it probably wouldn't make sense us to. he's clearly out of touch with the folks here who put him in office in the first place. if i could change the subject for a moment, we are first in foreclosure rate in the country. we are second highest unemployment rate here in the
12:25 am
country. folks are hurting here very badly. so, you know we look at this, as he's turned his back on nevada. these comments are a pattern of what we hear from him over and over again. frankly, it is embarrassing. when i see folks at the grocery store or i pick up my granddaughter at school, people talk to me about this and i tell them to go to sue and to learn a little more about me and try to support my campaign. we're working very hard here to make sure this is the last 11 months in office for harry reid. >> sean: the latest poll not only has you up die double digits he has a 52% of the state have an unfavorable opinion. another 15% are neutral. he does not have a strong base what's happened to him in the state are he was once popular? what has happened there? >> those numbers are astonishing, aren't they? even to me the truth is, he
12:26 am
has turned his back on those of us here in nevada. he hasn't been working for us. these comments are just a pattern of comments that he's made over the years and it has been embarrassing. we are hurting here in nevada. we watched him allow the president to say negative comments about las vegas. to tell folks not to come to las vegas. senator reid stood by and allowed him to say that frankly dozens and dozens of conventions walked away from coming here. we lost millions. people lost their jobs because of those comments. senator reid, allowed him to say that without making any comments, without coming to our defense here in las vegas. it is really a shame. the good news is, there's only 11 months to go. like i said, if you tune into you can learn more about met. i intend to defeat harry reid
12:27 am
in november and i intend to be the next united states senator from nevada. >> sean: i recommend everybody go to vegas. i love it, it is one of my favorite cities and it is a lot of fun. i did not leave tax money the last time i was there, i won and i won pretty big but it was kind of lucky. >> you need to come back. we need to scare that up. >> we have a freedom concert in august and i'll invite you and harry reid to come out. whoever sings the best version of the devil went down to georgia. thank you we'll follow the campaign closely we appreciate you being with us. there are late breaking developments in the massachusetts special election and it is good news for the gop. we have dana perino and stuart varney. tonight marks the one year anniversary of this program over the past 12 months some of the biggest names in politics have sat down right here in the hannity hot seat. take a look: >> you said about barack obama,
12:28 am
he is projecting weakness to america's enemies? >> this guy doesn't fully understand or share that view of american exceptional. that most of us believe in. >> you are an unapologetic socialist, however you want to describe yourself, fair? >> christian. >> going to get clobbered tomorrow morning the liberals aheads are going to be spinning they are going to say she is radical. extreme. >> you were after money here. >> if you want the president, barack obama to succeed you want the government taking over more and more of the average daily life of the american people. i don't want that i do want and i still want obama to fail. >> if i won the bet, you would have to wear a button on the show one night that said i love hillary. and if you won, and i lost, i would have to stand in front of the white house with a sign that said sean hannity was right. >> people were saying what are you doing with that sign?
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>> now washington will only keep track of the number of people working on stimulus projects even if they were never in danger of losing their jobs. that's about as credible as
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save the created, more hannity,
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12:33 am
brown has surged six points in one week. after raising 1.3 million dollars, that's million, in a 24 hour span yesterday, scott brown gave a stellar performance in last night's debate. look at this exchange he had with moderator david gergen. >> you said you are for health care reform just not this bill. we know from the clinton experience if in bill fails it could be another 15 years before we see a health care reform efforts again in washington. are you willing, under those circumstances to say i'm gonna be the person, sit in teddy kennedy's seat and it for another 15 years? >> with all due respect it is not the kennedy's seat and it is not the democrat's seat it is the people's seat. they have a chance to send somebody who going to be an independent voter and thinker and going to look out for the best interests of the people of massachusetts. >> sean: following the debate last night coakley's campaign released this new ad attacking brown.
12:34 am
one itsy-bitsy problem. look at this freeze frame from the end of the endorsement. at the bottom of your screen you will notice the coakley campaign misspelled massachusetts. not exactly a shining moment for her embattled campaign. joining me with reaction from the fox business network stuart varney and former white house press secretary danny perino. if you can spell the name of -- dana perino if you can't spell the name of your state you are not qualified. >> i would have loved to get that call. he raised 1.3 million dollars yesterday it was small donor donations that came in online. tonight martha coakley is in washington, d.c. at a swanky capitol hill fundraiser raising lots of money they have to funnel into her campaign. that means there's -- i think that is why you see momentum on his side. >> sean: they are very nervous. >> scott brown is a bombshell
12:35 am
thrown into the middle of the health care debate. win or lose he's going to do extremely well in massachusetts that says a lot that a republican is gonna do well. think what message, what powerful message his doing well sends to 17 or 18 senate democrats up for reelection in november it only takes one to think twice about in mess of health care legislation they are going to vote for. >> sean: blanch lincoln are you watching? evan bayh are you watching. >> some might say i won't put my vote on -- i will put my vote on the line because i don't care to be reelected. from the white house's perspective you are thinking the company is real -- the country is really upstate. these donations maybe came across the country. not only that he's a veteran and i think he shows leadership qualities people want to see. >> sean: the democrats are so fearful that brown will win, that literally they are now
12:36 am
saying if he does win they are going to purposely delay his swearing in. >> the power of the timing it is a tightly packed timing schedule. the massachusetts election, the seating of the winner, the voting of the winner, which way and that's in doubt at this moment, negotiations one the senate and house then the actual vote on health care. all compressed probably into a matter of days. it all comes together. there's real electricity here. >> sean: between that and harry reid -- >> massachusetts has already changed the rules a while ago in order to have kirk sit in the seat so he could make this vote. >> who would have thought, this is massachusetts for heaven's sake. >> sean: i thought new jersey was a big win for the republicans. the margin of victory in virginia, purple state, massive for mcdonnell. even if this race is close,
12:37 am
does this not instill major fear in every democratic candidate up for reelection? >> even if republicans don't win this seat, what i think it does is something effective, tie-up the democrats' money defending seats they shouldn't have to be defending. >> sean: great point. >> it is a terrible piece of legislation and everybody knows it. do you know anybody who is gung-ho for this bill? >> sean: 32% approval rating that is it. >> it with will not cut cosmonaut allow you to keep the plan you like will add to the deficit biggest entitlement program in several generations. everybody knows it is terrible legislation. >> sean: i don't understand the people surrounding the president. we know what happened with george herbert walker bush, read my lips no new taxes. obama said eight times he would allow these negotiations to go on c-span and didn't follow through on his promise. i'm thinking why wouldn't
12:38 am
somebody around him say this is a big mistake you are going to be held accountable for your words? >> if they have any hope or prayer of getting the health care bill pass they couldn't let cameras in to look at back deals. >> sean: listen to what you are saying. >> i know they made the promise, eight times. sean the american people watching the sausage being made would be repulsed. >> you are coming up on one year from inauguration of last year. you are going to have a lot of stories. i think as people look at this, first year of this president, who a lot of people had a lot of hope for, are disappointed. >> sean: a poll shows he's failed. >> we are assuming he's surrounded by political geniuses that is an incorrect assumption. on many occasions their political judgment has shown to be pretty bad this is another example. >> sean: their campaign jump was pretty solid. >> campaigning and governing
12:39 am
is a completely different thing. you can say a lot on the campaign trail thank you can't do when you get to be president. from something like letting c-span cameras in to closing guantanamo bay. >> sean: if i had made a promise like that and i was president -- never happen, but if i was president and i made a promise eight times on the campaign trail, i would go to reid and pelosi and say i'm going to tell the american people, put it on camera. i would stick to my promise. why is that so complicated? >> you want to see the kind of bribery and arm twisting that went on? you would allow your party to show this in public? never! >> sean: because you shouldn't be bribing. >> but it happened and you don't want to let the public see it. >> sean: so it got so despicable and corrupt that you can't fulfill that other promise? >> the answer is it has always been this way. >> i've got a tremendous sense of excitement. this awful piece of
12:40 am
legislation is in real trouble. >> sean: give me the name of the democrat that is going to say no. >> that i don't know looking at this election coming up, look at the timeframe. my goodness. >> i think it is done next week you can stick a fork it in. >> sean: do you see any way in gets stopped? >> there's a chance. >> yes, there is a chance here. >> sean: i hope i come on the next time you guys are on or the next two weeks and say, you were right i was wrong and i'll send you both to celebrate. >> what do we have to do if we lose? >> sean: i'll tell you next week. thanks. when we come back the great, great american panel. first, this show is celebrating a birthday. we are one-year-old. this past year has taken us all over the country here's a look at some of the exciting places we've been in the past year. ladies and gentlemen this has
12:41 am
become a dust bowl. we came with a message for washington and president barack obama, please for the sake of the farmers where unemployment is near 40%, please turn this water on now. you are looking live at the thousands of people in california. they want their farms back. >> we have a message to washington tonight. mr. president, turn the water on now! >> we are live from the state capital building here in atlanta where people from all around the state are protesting taxation. i'm joined by well over 15,000 americans: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel he's a veteran war correspondent attorney host of geraldo at large. our own geraldo rivera is here. former chairwoman of the virginia party kate is here. and he's a media strategist, he's currently vice chairman at public strategies, mark mckinnon. good to see you. i'm curious where you stand on harry reid? >> i think what he said was appalling. i call it dialect-gate. i believe whether liberal or conservative, you use archaic language like that i haven't heard since i was in the third grade in the 50s, negro dialect. i think more than that perhaps in the sense of the political realm, the fact that he suggested that obama turns it on and off, when appropriate, i think that's probably the most embarrassing thing from
12:46 am
the president's point of view. >> sean: you know bill clinton, you talk to bill clinton. when he said a few years ago he would be getting us coffee? >> he said that of president obama? >> sean: yeah he said that to ted kennedy. he said appealing for kennedy's ment of his wife a few years ago he would have been getting us coffee. >> there's an intriguing question whether or not african-americans treat statements like that differently when a liberal says it or a conservative says it. i don't know enough about the anecdotes. i think the comparison to trent lott is inartful, at best. >> the outcry response to trent lott compared to the outcry response to harry reid is striking. african-american leaders in the liberal end of the spectrum were vociferous in their attacks again trent lott. what about harry reid, he said something -- you know who he
12:47 am
will said something really . >> he said the dixiecrat was the way to go. it was -- >> the state held him accountable for it. i haven't heard a single democrat say it was the wrong thing to do. >> i think what clinton said was more problematic. i don't think what harry reid -- i don't think he's got a bad heart. but i think it was inartful. i think what clinton said -- >> clinton has an office in harlem. >> sean: why do you think he picked 125th street. >> did he just come out and say -- >> sean: he said a few years ago in guy would have been getting us coffee. >> shocking. >> sean: i think that's what it is. the support for health care in the country is collapsing 36%. the poll numbers are diving
12:48 am
for obama everyone is anticipating a big year for republicans. anything they can do to get it back? >> democrats are clawing their way to the bottom they just put tend pounds of ugly in a five pound sack with this health care bill. there's portability, preexisting conditions could have picked off individually but they stuffed so much in there suddenly support is collapsing even among democrats. >> sean: we got to see these hearings on c-span. >> eight times during the campaign, obama promised to have open hearings. he's absolutely refused. tort reform is another reasonable reform that could have been put into this bill. >> sean: hold the insurance companies accountable. >> there's no way to come back from this unless they pull back dramatically. they may have to given some of the concerns the public option that still out there. >> nelson is getting shakey.
12:49 am
he said today -- [ talking over each other ] >> big news is that the health care reform legislation will pass in basically the senate version of it. there's no force on earth that will stop it now. i think you have to change the conversation to what is the ultimate impact on the democratic political fortunes come november after the -- [ talking over each other ] >> i have a home in massachusetts, i know the politics well, close to the kennedy family over the years. i think the democrat who have been asleep now the souls of likely voters will become obsolete. a week from now i think coakley wins. >> continue to underestimate the enthusiasm of not just conservatives -- >> your home state in new jersey, another republican governor. >> who would have thought corzine would be the most unpopular bearded man to walk the face of the earth.
12:50 am
>> sean: by the way, i notice your beard is. we continue the celebration of our one year anniversary. as you have seen over the past 12 months. you never know what is going to wind up on the show. >> geter done. >> -- get 'er done. i'm doing good. everything is good i've divorced her and put the kids on ebay. >> i don't know if i want my daughter when she becomes 14 listening to paradise -- >> why not? >> look what you did! >> i believe in talking to everyone. that's why i keep coming with you. where is allen? >> social. is gonna come and get your momma. what are you afraid of?
12:51 am
>> by the way, richard petty signed this hat. i need the glasses. anyone got glasses. there you go. there you go. i think we made"%"%"%"%"%"%"%"%
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. >> sean: we continue with our panel. legalize marijuana in california. you were just telling me you were the only network correspondent, you once smoked pot on air. >> on air. let me say further with the exception of bill o'reilly i've never asked you this question. everyone i've ever known has at least tried marijuana if you look at the surveys on whether marijuana laws should be reformed it is one of the few issues where conservatives and liberals have essentially the same opinion.
12:55 am
i believe that marijuana reform is now inevitable. new jersey just passed marijuana medical marijuana law, the governor will sign it. . this will be a referendum on the ballot in california. you have the california assembly the public health committee just passed it 4-3. the health committee won't have the chance to rule before friday when their term expires. i do believe that marijuana reform legislation is now inevitable. the momentum is across the country. >> sean: i don't want to that to happen. i think there is momentum. i think there will be states that legalize marijuana. >> there might be. look at california they are justifying it because they've got a deficit and they need to raise money. they are saying they are going to use the money in order to eradicate drug use. isn't that hysterical.
12:56 am
going to use it for drug education. one of the law enforcement officials today said i can -- testifying in front of the committee said i cannot believe we are about to purchase, for tax dollars human misery. >> do you want your kids to smoke dope? >> i don't want my kids to do booze either. >> it isn't the same? >> why? >> because -- >> you can argue that because you say it with conviction doesn't make it true. >> smoking two joints has more deleterious affects on your lungs. >> think the medical testimony is all over the place. >> i think california has gone bankrupt to excessive spending now trying to solve it through excessive smoking. >> sean: i think it is telling if you wouldn't want your kids to smoke pot. i wouldn't have a problem with my son when he's of drinking a beer.
12:57 am
if i have a drink, i have one drink i don't get drunk if you smoke pot you get stoned. >> that's the point of smoking pot. >> we you compare marijuana and the physiological effects to tobacco, nicotine or hard liquor and see how many children are killed by liquor on driving afterschool. >> sean: that's excessive use. >> i think kids should stay away and i think marijuana does dumb-down kids. and i wouldn't say whether i did or not us because it would be far too pro y. enough said i did it on television. -- too provocative. enough said i did it on television. >> they are going to have to pay that out in early of increased illegal use by kids under 21 and health care. >> you will take the money from the mexican mafia the other drug cartels. you will regulate it. >> sean: you don't want to
12:58 am
legalize crack and heroin, do you? >> how about ecstasy. >> saying that is like saying, yeah, why don't you legalize marriage with dogs because you are legalizing gay marriage. those kinds of flamboyant excessive statements don't -- >> sean: there are libertarians in this country that want to legalize all drugs are you one? >> let me say we've spent a trillion dollars i've done more -- >> sean: you won't answer. >> i believe if you are a true libertarian you understand the way to fight drugs is not through pro . no, i would not support legalization of the hard drugs. i think the issue with marijuana is much different. >> sean: once that door is open, i think there's no end. >> it's a tough issue. i spend a lot of time from colorado they've got some of the liberalized policies in the country right now. i've talked to one of the councilmembers up there, denver, huge glaucoma outbreak
12:59 am
in denver. the guy who supported it is getting letters from mothers saying this is really difficult because my kid who tried pot, you know the next thing he has gotten into a lot of trouble. >> gateway drug. >> sean: geraldo makes a point. when i see kids funneling beer at spring break. >> do you know how many will be smoking pot if it is legal. accessible to adults -- >> it is accessible right now. >> it is not completely access able. >> my wife had cancer seven years ago and marijuana saved her life. she couldn't eat and march paar gave her the ability to eat. [ talking over each other ] it is understandable. >> sean: by the way, i liked your bear. you should have kept it. >> men liked it and women didn't in our polling. it was 5-1 against so i had to succumb. >> sean: on tv.


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